Marni + Matt, 05.29.11

Marni & Matt. What a couple. Marni is a stunningly beautiful woman who could seriously be a wedding dress model. She probably should be. And she’s a chef, which makes her that much cooler. Matt, well, he could probably take my job as a planner if he wanted to. Few grooms have as good of a grasp on the wedding details as Matt did. They really were a perfect fit. From the beginning, they had a vision of a farmer’s market inspired wedding, and that’s exactly what the day felt like. Wooden crates, fruit, mason jars, different floral textures, jams…the list goes on and on. The wedding ceremony & reception took place at the Ravenswood Event Center, a great place for any social event. We did have some “slight” issues with weather on the wedding day. And by “slight” I mean the storms caused the sewer behind the building to collapse and the ballroom flooded. YIKES. I think it would be safe to say, that was the most stressed I have ever, EVER been on a wedding day. This wonderful couple who spent hours, months, years planning every little detail that would bring their farmer’s market vision to life, crushed by a flooded ballroom. It was heartbreaking to see them go through that.

Luckily the event center had other rooms available that night, so we moved some things around and in the end it still turned out to be an incredibly beautiful wedding.┬áThe talent & flexibility of Beth from Anna Held florist was amazing and we pulled together as a team to re-create the vision they had, just a bit different than originally planned. Marni & Matt were champs that day, realizing that the sewer collapse was God’s way of letting them know that they can only plan so much! They deserved every minute in paradise when they went to Fiji for their honeymoon. These two are in for a long and very very happy life together.

I feel like the first photo in a blog post is always the bride’s dress. Matt was a such a stylish groom, so let’s start with him today, shall we?

Matt's stylish getup

Mrs. Smith :-)

Loved his tie

I love when photographers find stuff like this to capture.

In her stunning dress, headed to see her groom

Loved the lush white peonies with the bright pops of yellow & softer shades of green. And the ribbon!!

Can you even believe this chuppah?!

Signing the the look they are giving each other

Cute shoe pic

This is always one of my favorite photos...watching his bride walk down the aisle

Escorted by her mom

From this angle, the weather doesn't look so bad!

OK….ready for the details? Are you really ready? Here we go…

Invitation and paper...perfect to set the farmer's market theme!

The sign outside the venue

Place card holders were wine corks

Place card table

One of my favorite cakes of all time!

The menus were slid into cute yellow & white paper bags

Floral & fruit filled centerpieces

Their signature cocktail was Skinny Girl Margaritas...I'll take that whole tray please!

Favors were little tins of jam that said "spread the love."

Typewriter guest book

It wasn't the original room, but it still looked perfect. So clean & elegant.

Happily Ever After

I could go on and on with this post but I think that gives a good flavor of the day. And as if it’s any surprise, this wedding was also featured on Style Me Pretty!

Vendor shout outs:

Venue: Ravenswood Event Center

Photography: Dawn E Roscoe Photography

Florist: Anna Held Florist

Band: Upbeat Music Productions

Cake: Swedish Bakery





2 Responses to “Marni + Matt, 05.29.11”
  1. Flattery will get you everywhere, Kristin! Thanks for the awesome blog post…and for working so hard to ensure that a weather/sewage calamity didn’t destroy our day. You were great!

  2. Em says:

    I’m trackin’ ya on the wedding gown model thing… I was about to say, Marni looks like she belongs in one of those Style Me Pretty shoots. ;) I looove the farmer’s market theme, and I think you should start advertising that you specialize in adorable yellow weddings!